Monday, September 26, 2005

Oh No! Not Again!

Look at the pretty picture below. This is a picture of my new sister, Katrina. That's what Ange told me. She told me to look at this picture and know that it's probably going to be a girl. I guess I can see the eye, but I really can't see any other stuff. I asked Ange if this was in her tummy, like other pictures of kids when they are really tiny. She laughed and said "it was on everyone's mind." So, will the baby come out Ange's nose?

The other day when I wrote that I was busy, I wasn't in school. I was fibbing! I was at Peace One Day which was kind of fun, but I wanted a piece of pie and there wasn't any. Instead it was a bunch of grown-ups talking quietly. I was really bored. I just wanted to play with my Matchbox Trucks, but Ange already told me I can't anymore because they aren't hybrid.

Ange told me I needed to say that I was sorry for not writing. I don't like saying it because I'm not really that sorry, but I guess I kind of feel weird. But I am sorry, I guess. Ange told me that when you do something, even if you didn't mean to do it, you should still be sorry in case anyone tries to make you feel bad. That doesn't make a lot of sense but then she said people can't be angry with you when you're sorry. Unless you do something really, really bad. Like draw on Zippy with a marker. I did that. I'm sorry, Ange!