Sunday, June 26, 2005

Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington

Sorry! I am sorry for not telling Worthington what to type for a long time, but Ange and I went to America! Ange said that people in America are robots who like people who are also robots. I like robots! I like Transformers and stuff.

I took this picture of Ange when she was auditioning for a new movie called "The Jeffersons." Ange told me it was a very popular T.V. show before I was born. After Ange did really good on her audition, she took me to a white house where she said a really bad, dirty, idiotic wannabe cowboy from Connecticut pretending to be from Texas man lives. We stood there and then she bought me ice cream and told me to eat it fast because the man in the white house lets people drive Tonka Trucks which makes everything a lot hotter. After we ate ice cream and laughed and sung some songs and then tickled each other and stuff, we thought about going home. I said "where's BradDad?" and Ange said he would probably be meeting us back at the castle, although we might be going together somewhere to play. I hope we can eat ice cream there, too. Worthington told me I need to get a new haircut. Bye!