Saturday, June 04, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

It's my Mommy's birthday today! It's my Mommy's birthday today! Yea! Yea! Hooray! So now that my Mommy is 30 years old she says it's time to make some changes. I like changes. Like when she changes my pull-up. She wants me to sleep in my own bed now which is fine with me because I have fourteen beds and Worthington said that he would wear Mommy's perfume so that I could fall asleep and dream of Mommy kissing my nose. "So what else, Mommy?" I asked. She said I should call her "Ange" from now on. She thinks because we are both more mature, it's better. So I am going to have to get used to calling Mommy "Ange," which will be hard but Worthington said he would help. I am learning how to sing "Happy Birthday" in Cambodian. Chankrisna is my maid. Mommy adopted her just for me. She cleans my room and gives me ice cream. She is from Cambodia like me. Her name means "sweet-smelling tree." She lives in Guest House #3.

For Ange's birthday we are going to go to the store and buy stuff to make a cake. And then, I want to go back to Africa! And I want to build sand castles with Mommy and rub her back! She likes when I do karate chops on her shoulders. She says it feels good and I have magic hands. I can't believe it! I wonder what else these hands can do? I need stuff. Like Dragon Tales. I like Dragons. I also like fire and wax. That is why we have candles on the cake. It was my idea. Happy Birthday Mommy! Sorry I called you Mommy. Can I change mine to Chinook? Maybe for my birthday???