Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's a Pollywog World

There may be computers in 3rd world countries but there's no wifi so it's been hard for me to get to a computer for what seems like years. It's actually been only months. Nine Months. Nine months is how much time it takes for a pollywog to become a little sister. Another little sister because now I have two. A black one and a white one which reminds me of a joke. What's black and white and red all over? I actually don't know because I never got the joke and neither did Zippy. Anyway there is big news a foot. Big news a foot in deed. I am a brother AGAIN and that's no lie. Her name is Shiloh Something Jolie-Pitt. I always forget her other name because it's not in my language that I speak fluently. The papa rats are everywhere and the authorities confiscate everyone's camera but they forgot to take my fisher-price handy-cam and so I took a few photos of Shiloh Something with my own two hands (and camera) Here are some of my favorite pictures of her without further ado:

It's not a professional camera or anything like that but it works alright and it gets the job done. So there, now you can please pay me a million-trillion-infinity dollars for these exclusive photos. Oh yeah and Zippy says hi.

Bye and thank you for waiting for me to get wifi so I can blog about my life as Mad.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Oh No! Not Again!

Look at the pretty picture below. This is a picture of my new sister, Katrina. That's what Ange told me. She told me to look at this picture and know that it's probably going to be a girl. I guess I can see the eye, but I really can't see any other stuff. I asked Ange if this was in her tummy, like other pictures of kids when they are really tiny. She laughed and said "it was on everyone's mind." So, will the baby come out Ange's nose?

The other day when I wrote that I was busy, I wasn't in school. I was fibbing! I was at Peace One Day which was kind of fun, but I wanted a piece of pie and there wasn't any. Instead it was a bunch of grown-ups talking quietly. I was really bored. I just wanted to play with my Matchbox Trucks, but Ange already told me I can't anymore because they aren't hybrid.

Ange told me I needed to say that I was sorry for not writing. I don't like saying it because I'm not really that sorry, but I guess I kind of feel weird. But I am sorry, I guess. Ange told me that when you do something, even if you didn't mean to do it, you should still be sorry in case anyone tries to make you feel bad. That doesn't make a lot of sense but then she said people can't be angry with you when you're sorry. Unless you do something really, really bad. Like draw on Zippy with a marker. I did that. I'm sorry, Ange!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


I haven't had a chance to write in a while because I'm in school! And Hero has been taking me to different places and Ange makes me do all of my homework, like haiku and astrophyics. I'm going to have some free time this weekend, and I promise I'll tell you stuff. OK?

PS - I'm glad that everyone likes my writings.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

How Can We Be Lovers If We Can't Be Friends?

I found this picture of Ange and myself at the bottom of my toy chest. Underneath my Hulk Hands and this weird magnetic bracelet Hero bought for me was an image that I thought would never see the light of day. A picture without Zippy. A picture when Ange was still "Mommy." I miss those days. I really, really do. I'm sure you've been reading Zippy's blog, although it's not really that interesting because she watches too much television and reads too many magazines that Buster told me aren't real. I'm not really mad, though. I just wish that I could remember all of the times Ange and I had together. I don't know if you know but I'm four now. And this picture was probably taken when I was three, which was a long time ago. It's hard to remember stuff, although once I learned how to go to the bathroom like a big boy I never forgot.

Buster told me I might be getting my own TV show. Hero told me that if I did, he would help design the set. Worthington told me he wanted to be there every step of the way, from making sure applesauce was always in my trailer to my homework getting done. I don't know how I feel about all this. I just want a banana and some cake. Ange told me I could probably live on bananas and cake if I needed to. Maybe I'll send a banana to people who really need it. I have lots of them.

I just woke up and I need to get ready for school. Worthington has my lunch ready, and Hero is going to drive me. If I have time, I'll make Worthington write something else. Bye!

P.S. - If anyone wants to send me candy, just let me know, ok?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My Sister Is A Copy Cat!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

In A New York Minute!

It was just another trip to the place people in America call the Big Apple. I think that's funny. Hero was somewhere else, and Zippy and I were with Ange. I was just a normal kid, with a normal life, and normal influences, like Van Gogh and Basquiat. But then ... IT HAPPENED!

I don't know why everyone started reading my blog, but Worthington told me it was because I was really special. He said it was my paintings, and my laugh. Well, I'm not so sure about all this. When Ange took me shopping the other day, everyone kept staring at us, and I knew they were really staring at me. Usually, they stare at Ange because she's really pretty and she's my mommy and she's really nice, but now that I'm famous, everyone seems to be acting weird.

I only started this to have an outlet for my thoughts. Worthington thought that it was a good idea, and that it would help me get rid of the pressure of being so cool. But, I don't know! In light of all that has happened, Hero and Ange both suggested I hire a publicist. Worthington found me a really cool dude, Buster West & Associates. He can be reached at - he is my new publicist, and he makes me happy. He told me "don't worry kid, we'll make sure your face is everywhere, from cereal to CBS!" Is that good? Ange said for now, that's really good.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Ange told me we might be getting another one. I'm not so sure if that's good. I like Zahara I guess, and Hero told me that it might be fun to have more. BUT I'M FOUR NOW. And that's no lie. Ange and Hero got me swords, guns, missles, bombs, and sneakers. I'm really lucky to have them, and now that I'm living at the Ocean House, I'm going to start school with Americans instead of British kids. I liked being the only kid, and now I like being the only boy, so I hope Ange was jaykaying when we had to take this picture.

I wonder what I'm going to learn in school this year. I can already jump. I can walk, crawl, run, and paint, too. I spend most of my time working on abstracts, but I can also build sand castles and mud pies. Maybe I will learn how to play the guitar. Or ride Hero's motorbike. Or maybe they will teach me to read, but Worthington already does that for me, and he told me not to worry because he'll always tell me exactly what it says.

Worthington is getting on the plane and leaving the castle and coming to the Ocean House and I'm really excited and I'm really happy and Hero told me he can sleep on the bottom bunk in my room! Zahara and Ange have been sleeping together a lot, and Hero usually sleeps in a tent outside and prays and talks to himself and builds fires and draws pictures of houses. The Ocean House is fun. Ange told me we will be staying here at least six whole months! That means I'll be 4 1/2 when we even start looking to go. I'm hungry! I'm going to make a mud pie now. JK! No, fruit roll-ups. Ha!