Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Ange told me we might be getting another one. I'm not so sure if that's good. I like Zahara I guess, and Hero told me that it might be fun to have more. BUT I'M FOUR NOW. And that's no lie. Ange and Hero got me swords, guns, missles, bombs, and sneakers. I'm really lucky to have them, and now that I'm living at the Ocean House, I'm going to start school with Americans instead of British kids. I liked being the only kid, and now I like being the only boy, so I hope Ange was jaykaying when we had to take this picture.

I wonder what I'm going to learn in school this year. I can already jump. I can walk, crawl, run, and paint, too. I spend most of my time working on abstracts, but I can also build sand castles and mud pies. Maybe I will learn how to play the guitar. Or ride Hero's motorbike. Or maybe they will teach me to read, but Worthington already does that for me, and he told me not to worry because he'll always tell me exactly what it says.

Worthington is getting on the plane and leaving the castle and coming to the Ocean House and I'm really excited and I'm really happy and Hero told me he can sleep on the bottom bunk in my room! Zahara and Ange have been sleeping together a lot, and Hero usually sleeps in a tent outside and prays and talks to himself and builds fires and draws pictures of houses. The Ocean House is fun. Ange told me we will be staying here at least six whole months! That means I'll be 4 1/2 when we even start looking to go. I'm hungry! I'm going to make a mud pie now. JK! No, fruit roll-ups. Ha!