Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Dirty Blondes and Dirty Bikes

BradDad's head itches a lot. He told me so. He told me I should never make my hair yellow. But Ange makes my hair all different colors, because she told me that all colors are equal. I don't know what they equal but Worthington told me that was true. Except in places like Africa, where mommy works. My favorite color is blue. But, sometimes my favorite color is grey, because BradDad bought me six grey bunnies from the pet shop. I've named all of them, but Ange told me I should name two of them Billy Bob and Johnny Lee, because those are good country names for animals that belong in cages and aren't smart at all.

BradDad let Ange let me on my dirtbike. It's not like BradDad's bike but it makes the same kinds of noises. It's really loud and BradDad told me that I have to ride it without a shirt on or else it doesn't work as good. Ange has a bike also, but she doesn't like it as much except when she acts like she is Tomb Raider. I really want BradDad to stay with us in the main castle in my room with the bunnies. He helps me feed them and everything. I really have a fun life and I like cake. I want a banana. Cheers!